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October 2017

October 2017

The rainy season in Nicaragua has been very wet. Upon arrival October 03, I visited Nayansi to find over 2″ of water standing in the floor. After reviewing the situation I determined we needed to work on the drainage outside the house & elevate the inside floor 10″. I brought in Javier a contractor I’d used in the past. A footing was dug &b the mud in the house was excavated 18″ down to stable ground. Gypsum was incorporated in with the select fill material to provide a good foundation.


2017-10-07 15.28.00 2017-10-10 11.23.52 2017-10-09 12.05.32


2017-10-11 15.40.50 2017-10-11 15.41.06

Finished project with new beds, mattresses, sheets provided by Advantage Controls, Muskogee, OK. An oscillating fan & new crutches for Julio.

2017-10-11 15.58.25

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