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Africa 2018

image1I am in Togo a west African-country(population 7.6 million) as a consultant for Light In The World Development Foundation to help implement a bucket water filter program. SAFE WATER PLUS provided the initial 50 filters to be distributed. LWDF owns & operates 2 medical clinics 1 in Lome & 1 in Agou. Realizing how important water is to the health of the people LWDF has committed to implementing a filter program in the region.

Mt. Agou, 120 km. from Lome, 2 hr. drive. Highest point in Togo, 1000 meters (3200 ft.). This is what was once jungle & covered in Tek wood which was harvested & sold to China. It will take several hundred years to regrow the trees.
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Water Treatment Plant in Kpalime, provides water for 700K-900K in the region.
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Plante Sotou Plant Manager (pictured)
The concrete area is underground storage for approximately 264K gal. of water
Plant is feed by a lake in the mountain pictured. Flows by gravity to water plant.
Road to medical clinic at base of Mt. Agou.
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Clinic is powered solely thru solar energy.
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400 ft deep well.
IMG_4452 IMG_4453 IMG_4454
We are sampling the well water & testing to determine type of filtration required.
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If you look closely you can see the houses scattered on the mountainside.
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Workers carrying a small Tek log to be repurposed
Small lake the people come to get drinking water.
IMG_4466 IMG_4470
Woman drawing water to drink. This is her daily job to fetch water.
IMG_4473 IMG_4476
We will be doing a filter distribution here & I will drink the filtered water.