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SAFE WATER PLUS(+), INC. was formed in September 2015 to continue an ongoing humanitarian project started in 2012 by the Rotary Club of Muskogee to provide sustainable water filtration devices to the people of rural Nicaragua. To date 970 bucket filters & a larger filter capable of providing 5000 gallons per day have impacted over 15,000 residents in the Departments of Masaya, Granads, and Boaco Nicaragua.

SAFE WATER PLUS(+), INC. is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation which provides clean water & humanitarian aid to people in developing 3rd world countries. The Mission Statement of SAFE WATER PLUS(+), INC. is:
To provide sustainable educational and humanitarian items to improve quality of life and health to those in need throughout the world. To solicit funds, contributions of service, property, educational, humanitarian and related items required to accomplish the foregoing purposes, and to carry on any other activity incidental to, necessary for, or related to the accomplishment of these purposes.

All our board members are Rotarians with extensive knowledge of Central & South America as well as two with a background in water filtration.