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Milagros de los Angeles 34, a mother of 3 shares her story after receiving a bucket filter 18 months ago. Pictured(left to right), Kenet 8, Ruby 4 & David 6.


“The water situation is critical. The government doesn’t provide any public water services so we are left to look for water where ever we can find it.”

When asked about her childrens health: “It has changed a lot. We purify our water because all we have to drink is rain water & we don’t know if it is contaminated or not. The health of of my children has improved a lot. Now we drink water knowing we won’t get sick because it has already passed thru the process of of the filter.”

The family lives in the small rural community of El Tunel outside Masaya. They collect & store rain water from a series of crude collection gutters. In the dry season January – May, if they have purchase water, each barrel cost c$50 cordobas / $1.80 USD. They use 3 – 4 barrels per week – roughly 50% of their expendable income.


bucket filter photo

Bucket Filter in the Kitchen

Barrels of stored rain water

Barrels of stored rain water